Past Presidents


The Atlanta Chapter has had several members serve in leadership positions at the national and regional levels of Jack and Jill. Dr. Miriam C. Shropshire was the elected 9th National President of Jack and Jill from 1970-74. Marjorie Belton was a Regional Director. In addition, Marjorie Mitchell served as Regional Secretary Treasurer and Regional Director. Most recently, Rebecca Paschal Young served as Regional Treasurer from 2017-2019.

Since installation in 1951, the following persons have served as President of the Atlanta Chapter:


Jewel Woodard Simon1951-
Betty Boyd Mapp1950’s
Ruth Scott Simmons1960’s
Alice Washington1962-1963
Evarie (Rhee) Thompson1966-1967
Miriam Shropshire (National President 1970-74)1967-1968(*)
Patricia Martin Cannon1968-1969
Roseland Days1969-1971
Edith Ross1971-1972
Margaret Nixon Smith1972-1973
Revonia Radden Bryant1973-1975
Myrtle Reid Davis1975-1977
Burnella Jackson Ranson1977-1979
Geraldine Calloway Gilliam1979-1981
Michelle Redwine1981-1982
Yvonne Jackson Wiltz1982-1984
Sharon Martin1984-1985
Patricia Washington Clement1985-1986
Pamela Robinson1986-1988
Dorothy Cowser Yancy1988-1990
Jeanne Cain Atkins1990-1992
Reinetta Thompson Waldrop1992-1993
Marcia Spiller1993-1995
Linda Jones1995-1997
Patrice Perkins-Hooker1997-1999
Marjorie Belton1999-2001
Sarah Lattimer2001-2003
Alfreda Mayes2003-2005
Marjorie Mitchell2005-2009
Patrice Brown Greer2009-2011
Rebecca Paschal Young2011-2015
Hillary Scarborough Dunson2015-2017
Elizabeth “Libby” Wright2017-2018
Nicole Lawson Jenkins2018-2021
Pamela F. Redd2021-2023

Special thanks to the following persons who helped provide the original information and memories of the early chapter years: Mrs. Helen Bell Robinson Brooks, Mrs. Alice Washington, Mrs. Beatrice Williams, Mrs. Miriam Shropshire, and Mrs. Barbara Newton.