Chapter History








The Atlanta Chapter was organized in February of 1951 through the effort if Mrs. Elizabeth Macomson, a teacher at Spelman College. An Albany chapter member suggested to her that our city should establish this mother’s organization.  Initially, it was a small group of mothers that were affiliated with the various schools in the Atlanta University consortium. Mrs. Helen Bell Robinson Brooks, a colleague, invited the group to organize in her home at 988 Westmoor Drive.


By installation time on September 16, 1951, there were 34 mothers in the Atlanta Chapter of Jack and Jill.  The following were the first officers:  Elizabeth Macomson, president; Mrs.. Mexico Mickelbury, secretary; Mrs. Helen Bell Robinson Brooks, treasurer; Mrs. Jewel Simon and Toki Connally, co-chairman of program committee, Mrs. Alice Holmes Washington reporter to the national organization, and Mrs. Johnnie Yancey, chairman of membership committee.


The first members were as follows- Betty Boyd Mapp, Ernestine Brazeal, Miriam Burney, Harriet Chisholm, Ernestine Comer, Billie Davis, Grace DeLorme, Louis Eagleson, Jacqueline Frye, Sadie Gaines, Ann Graves, Gertrude Hackney, Marge Harper, Freddye Henderson, Dorthea Hill, Juliette Jackson, Ruth Jackson, Gladys Powell, Ruth Scott, Marion Scott, Clara Singleton, Juanita Smith, Lavada Smith, Helen Westerfield, Virginia Whatley, Beatrice Williams and Irene Wilson.


Mrs. Elizabeth Seay of Buffalo, New York, national president of the Jack and Jill of America for that year, flew in for the installation, as she was touring recently established chapters in the south.  Mrs. Seay stressed the “value emotional stability and security play, in developing healthy and happy children” that would become the parents of tomorrow.


A founder, Helen Robinson Brooks stated recently that finding activities for the children that were entertaining, education and mind grabbing was a real challenge for the mothers.  The Atlanta chapter children were the first Black children to participate in a then popular WSB-TV puppet shower called “Woody Willow”.  Activity was a key word for the children who swam, played basketball, softball and other seasonal sports on Saturdays at the UYMCA.  There were monthly meetings with dramatics, soap carving, sewing, dancing music and games.


By the middle and late 1950’s, the chapter mothers and children were established in charity projects.  During this period the children sent woolen mittens to needy children in a foreign country selected by the American Friends Committee.  They carried gifts to hospitalized children.  The project of the year for the mothers was an Annual Charity Ball to raise mothers.  The mothers participated in the Polio March, and they adopted needy families.


Nearly sixty years later in 2010, the Atlanta chapter continues to meet the aims of the national organization by providing experiences that aid mothers to learn more about their children by careful study.  Through our community service projects we seek to offer all children the same advantages, which we desire for our own. We have extended our programming to include activities, which support the following curricular areas:


1-       African American History and Culture

2-      Leadership Development

3-      Community Service

4-      Civic Awareness and Responsibility

5-      Life Management Skills

6-      Health, Nutrition & Fitness

7-      Fine Arts Appreciation

8-      Finance and Economics

9-      Career Development


This curriculum allows us to meet the national guidelines and extend it for the focused development of our young people.







Since installation in 1951, the following persons have served as President of the Atlanta Chapter:




Jewel Woodard Simon                                                                                  1951-

Betty Boyd Mapp                                                                                           1950’s

Ruth Scott Simmons                                                                                     1960’s

Alice Washington                                                                                           1962-1963

Evarie (Rhee) Thompson                                                                             1966-1967

Miriam Shropshire (National President 1970-74)                                  1967-1968(?)

Patricia Martin Cannon                                                                                 1968-1969

Roseland Days                                                                                                1969-1971

Edith Ross                                                                                                        1971-1972

Margaret Nixon Smith                                                                                  1972-1973

Revonia Radden Bryant                                                                               1973-1975

Myrtle Reid Davis                                                                                          1975-1977

Burnella Jackson Ranson                                                                             1977-1979

Geraldine Calloway Gilliam                                                                          1979-1981

Michelle Redwine                                                                                           1981-1982

Yvonne Jackson Wiltz                                                                                   1982-1984

Sharon Martin                                                                                                 1984-1985

Patricia Washington Clement                                                                     1985-1986

Pamela Robinson                                                                                           1986-1988

Dorothy Cowser Yancy                                                                                 1988-1990

Jeanne Cain Atkins                                                                                        1990-1992

Reinetta Thompson Waldrop                                                                      1992-1993

Marcia Spiller                                                                                                  1993-1995

Linda Jones                                                                                                     1995-1997

Patrice Perkins-Hooker                                                                               1997-1999

Marjorie Belton                                                                                              1999-2001

Sarah Lattimer                                                                                              2001-2003

Alfreda Mayes                                                                                                2003-2005

Marjorie Mitchell                                                                                           2005-2009

Patrice Brown Greer                                                                                    2009-2011

Rebecca Paschal Young                                                                              2011-2014

Hillary Scarborogh Dunson                                                                          2014-2016

Elizabeth "Libby" Wright                                                                              2016-2018

Nicole Lawson Jenkins                                                                                    2018


Special thanks to the following persons who helped provide the original information and memories of the early chapter years:  Mrs. Helen Bell Robinson Brooks, Mrs. Alice Washington, Mrs. Beatrice Williams, Mrs. Miriam Shropshire, and Mrs. Barbara Newton.